Collecting Memories while Chilling in Chennai

Once the travel bug bites you, there is no looking back from exploring every nook and corner of the world. But it is difficult to keep exploring exciting places when you also have an office to go to. You have to take care of your job for how else are you planning to pay for all these fun trips? This is the case when weekend getaways and same day tours come in handy. You can work tirelessly in the weekdays and indulge your weekends in taking those dream tours. That’s exactly what I did when I decided to go on a Chennai city tour and explore the beautiful city in just a day. As challenging as it was, it also happens to be one of my most cherished tour memories. So, travel back in time with me and visit the beautiful stops down my memory lane to see how I made the most of Chennai in a day.

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Exploring Our Colonial History In St. George Fort

As I reached the beautiful city of Chennai, the first stop that I had to visit was the very famous St. George Fort as the place was home to relics and memoirs of the colonial rule in India. I knew I had to visit this historical masterpiece as I am nothing if not an art and history buff! This Fort is also known as the White Town and was once the center of trade activities during the British rule. The fort is home to some of the most famous places to visit in Chennai like the St. Mary’s Church which is the oldest Anglican Church in the country; the Fort Museum that preserves letters, coins, rifles, cannons and other antiquities of the colonial era; a flag post which is 150 ft tall and made of teak wood; and the very famous Clive House and Wellesley House that were residences of famous British officials. A trip to this vibrant fort made me feel like I had stepped into the bygone days and it was the most magical experience.

A Religious Affair Worth Noting

Although I am not extremely religious, I do love to visit exquisite shrines just because I love how they make our culture so diverse and appealing to people from all over the world, and also because I love the opulence of its architecture. So, next, I headed to the famous Kapaleeshwar Temple and was absolutely awestruck by the magnificent allure of its Dravidian architecture. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is adorned with a huge gopuram which is 37 meters tall and adds charm to the temple that is embossed with idols all over. 

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Another religious shrine that I encountered in my tour to Chennai was the Santhome Cathedral Basilica whose Neo-Gothic architectural style makes it extremely enamoring and is definitely a sight to behold.  Even if you aren’t too much of a believer, these places will definitely make you believe in the power of beauty and how it can sway you!

Discovering The Beauty Of The Bygone Days In A Museum

The last leg of my Chennai excursions led me to the Government Museum and Art Gallery- the place that I’d been wanting to visit for so long! Finally, when I did go there, I was stupefied by the exquisite artifacts preserved in the gallery-like palm-leaf manuscripts, handicrafts, and valuable Roman antiquities that quenched the thirst of the art lover in me. It was truly a tour to remember and for all the right reasons. Although it was one full day Chennai city tour, there were obviously a lot of places that I couldn’t visit but that only means that I will be revisiting this gorgeous place soon and that is a titillating prospect for the travel bug in me. Until next time!

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