Chennai Chronicles: How I Covered the Gateway to South India in a Day

Every happening story has two sides- one with a happy prospect and other- not so great. The happy side of my happening story is that I got an opportunity to plan a tour to Chennai. So, what’s the sad part? Well, I only got a day to spend in the city which meant that I had to brainstorm the entire night for a Chennai tour package that would take me to all the prominent places and bring the rather rare day to its best use. Finally, after deciding on a tour I headed towards one of the most fulfilling trips of my life. This is how the events of the day unfolded.

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Off I Go To Savour The Beauty Of The Grand Structures

As I reached the airport early in the morning, a thousand thoughts ran in my mind as to how much would I be able to cover in a day and would this trip end up being super rushed and dissatisfying? My thoughts were disturbed by the cordial smiles of my driver for the day and the tour guide who accompanied him. We made our way to the cab and our Chennai excursions began.

The first stop in our Chennai tour was the St. George Fort. Popularly known as the white Town, the fort dated back to 1644 and is adorned with different sectioned structures. One of these constructions is the St. Mary’s Church which is the oldest Anglican Church in India. Flag Post, Clive’s House, and Wellesley House are some of the other structures that made me revisit the bygone days and appreciate the historical art and culture with a new-found affinity. All these aspects of the St. George Fort already made me feel like this tour is not going to be that unfulfilling after all!

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On To The Spiritual Side Of The Tour

I may not be religious, but I am deeply spiritual so the prospect of visiting the grand churches and temples of Chennai appealed to me to a great extent. We first stopped at the Santhome Church whose Neo-Gothic style of architecture makes it a sight to behold. This was followed by another exemplar of architectural excellence i.e. the Kapaleeshwar temple. Constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a magnificent structure which has idols of gods embossed on its walls. Both these edifices holding religious significance to two separate sections of the society appealed equally to the artist in me and made me realize that somewhere deep down the tour was already a success.

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Splendid Sight Of Nature And Art Right At My Disposal

While I was already pretty happy with how the day was turning out, the real happiness came with my visit to the Government Museum and Art Gallery. The art lover in me could not help but get elated at the sight of the artefacts, manuscripts, handicrafts, paintings, and antiquities. It seemed like a child was exposed to a box of chocolates and candies! But, the day was not over yet and one of the most popular places to visit in Chennai was next on the list. The Marina Beach which is the longest beach in Asia was the final destination in my tour itinerary and it was indeed the best part of the day. While I spent the evening relaxing on the golden sand of the scenic beach, enjoying the stunning sunset view, the tour came to the perfect end.

 I could not have hoped for a better trip and if there’s one thing I learned from the tour it’s that a lot can be done in a day!

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