Are you willing to Book Cheap Seaman Flights? Contact Seaman travel club Now.

Most of the time, you have to spend time without family and friends if you are a seaman. So, when you are logging off, you need to have some fun with your family and friends. Did you think about getting some relaxation on your holiday at this time? Well, the seaman travel club is here for you. The club will help you by providing some relaxation on domestic flights, holiday deals, hotel booking facilities and much more. The seamen will be able to get a wide range of support from the club by joining the group and becoming a member of it. Here is a list of support that you can get from the club.

You can join the club in two ways, first of all, you can join here as a paid member, or you can join here as a free member. There are several services present for both of the paid and the free members.

Free members can be able to get these support which consists of-

  • Holiday deals
  • Flat 20% off on domestic flights.
  • 500 off on hotel booking
  • Realtime job vacancy alert and much more.

Whereas a paid member, you will be able to receive this support from the travel club.

  • India’s first free log off-air ticket booking.
  • Two lakhs of medical health benefits.
  • Up to 3000 rs. off on hotel booking
  • Three nights and four days of a free holiday.
  • Discount on domestic flight booking and many more.  
  • No need to provide documents all the time

So, it will be beneficial for you to get into this club as a paid member instead of a free member.

To join the club as a paid member, you can simply log in to the website of the seaman travel club and navigate to the register option to register your name as an applicant. Once you register your name with the email id, you will be able to get a confirmation mail about the joining. Next, you need to apply for the paid membership. In this case, you have to pay 2999/- as an annual fee as well as 500/-  for joining fees. Once you pay the fees, you will be eligible to get the membership card. Once you get the membership card, you will be able to receive all the services and supports from the club’s end.

Final thoughts

If you are a seaman, the seaman club is here to be your holiday partner. From the time of logoff, the club will support you. It will help you by providing free air tickets to the holiday deals. By providing one time fees, you will be able to get more exciting support. The one-time fees you are providing will remain for one year. After that, if you want, you can also renew the membership. You don’t have to pay the extra charge of 500/- rupees; you can renew the application only by paying 2999/- rupees.

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