Hindu customs, saffron-clad Sadhus the hippie crowd in quest of spiritual awakening is customary things you will witness in Varanasi. One of the world’s oldest inhabited cities, it occupies a treasured place in the heart of pilgrims. Nestled on the banks of river Ganga, religious tourists come to the city to wash away their sins. To let you get acquainted with the sacred and spiritual essence of this holy city there are many top-rated Varanasi tours & day trips designed by topwebtour.

Dubbed as the City of Light, Varanasi is one of the most colorful places. Strolling the ghats or watching the sunrise on a boat ride & evening arti on the Ganges are some of the best things to do in Varanasi. The rituals of life and death, which takes place in Varanasi leads to salvation from the cycle of rebirth. Find out what makes it so mystical that attracts the attention of tourists.

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1. If the legend is to be believed, Varanasi is the dwelling of Lord Shiva.

2. In Varanasi the religion pertaining to Hinduism, Jain and Buddhism coexist in harmony.

3. Being a major center of learning and culture the Varanasi historical cultural tour is most in demand.

4. Besides religious significance, the city is also recognized for its Banarasi silks.

The religious capital of the Hindus reflects the age-old culture and best places to visit in Varanasi are Banaras Hindu University, Bharat Mata Mandir, Durga Temple, Ramnagar Fort, and Sarnath. Book a Varanasi package online and hire a local Varanasi tour guide from topwebtour who will enlighten you with some intriguing facts about the city.

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