A Day To Remember-In Bangalore

With the work pressure binding us down and innumerable deadlines flooding our minds, we barely get a day off to enjoy our leisure. Travelling is always on our minds, but due to the dearth of holidays, we often postpone the plans and sulk in our cubicles. However, with Indiator by your side, you can worry a little less as we plan your trip to Bangalore, for ONE day. Yes, you read it right. 24 hours is enough, even with so many things to do in Bangalore to make your trip worthwhile, keeping your work unhindered while you rejuvenate?

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Day 01: Morning

Book your flight tickets in advance to get the best out of your one-day trip to this high tech city. Once you set foot in the clean and green city of Bangalore, you are already in the mood to explore some of the best places. Start your day without a delay, as you travel to the Nandi Hills in our cab from the airport, to behold a spectacular sunrise. Paving your way through the floating clouds, the beauty of the place will automatically rinse your mind off all the tiredness. As the morning starts settling in, we steer you closer to nature.

The next destination in your line will be the Bannerghatta National park. Enjoy a safari amidst Nature and her exotic creations as they take you through the biological park for you to spot the tigers and deer, lions and elephants all basking in their natural habitat. You can grab a bite at the restaurants present there and rest, only to boost up for the rest of the day. They even have recreational activities like trekking and rock climbing, but these are not a good idea for you since they take at least half a day that you cannot afford to waste in your single day trip to Bangalore.

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Day 01: Afternoon

How about enjoying some authentic South Indian cuisine? Heading over to MTR for lunch on St Marks road or Lalbagh road is the best option in this case. They have a wide line of restaurants fringing this area, Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) being one of them. They serve some amazing Masala Dosa and RavaIdli that are a common hot favorite of all foodies out there. After the hearty lunch at this place, get back to our air-conditioned cab as the chauffeur takes you for a heritage walk to the oldest and the most coveted landmarks of Bangalore. Take a tour of Lalbagh Botanical Garden, as the widespread of flora and fauna enthralls you. Flower shows are held during the sunrise and sunsets and the best time to visit this place is during those times.  If you feel tired of taking strolls, golf carts are available to help you cover the garden swiftly. 

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Shopping in Bangalore

Day 01: Evening/Night

As the sun finally descends, pay a visit to the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain. This is one of the biggest musical fountains of India. Evenings are the best times to witness this as the lovely coordination of lights, music, and fountain comes to life against the dark backdrop. You cannot afford to miss this out, as it will surely add to the lovely memories of your day tour to Bangalore. With just another quarter of your day left, steadily drive off to the commercial street to shop from some of the most amazing collections ever. People start flooding in the evenings and it is a sight to behold so many colors and variations attributing to the mood of the market. How can your night end without the Bangalore vibe? In a city known for its draught beer and nightlife, put your party spirits on as you hop into the amazing pubs and bars in Indiranagar or MG Road, serving your favorite drinks as you groove to the peppy beats. In case you are more of a bliss-lover, you have a lovely option of stepping into some fine dining restaurant that throngs the places and enjoy your dinner peacefully. No doubt it will be a long day, yet, will be the same day Bangalore tour, that will remain etched your heart for a lifetime!

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